Chris Clark is an Art Center College of Design alumni, designer, & illustrator living in Los Angeles, California. Growing up as a child of the 80's, the pop-culture lexicon has always had a powerful influence on his creative aesthetic. Combining his love for art and iconic characters, Clark's illustration portfolio is filled with subjects inspired from film and comic books.  His Topps "Star Wars" cards have been traded world wide and most recently, he has worked on design projects for Mattel, Lego and Spin Master. 

Chris' work is meticulously crafted using a technique that combines an analog & digital process to create his signature "clean" one-of-a-kind illustrations.  He begins each illustration using technical pens and markers, and later digitally paints in the finer details of highlights and shadows to create a seamless blend of visual eye candy.  

Clark's artistic lineage dates back to his great grandfather, Gustave Wygren, who worked as an artist and illustrator after immigrating to the United States from Sweden.  Following in his great grandfather's artistic footsteps, Chris has worked as an industrial designer helping develop a wide range of products.  However, his true passion lies in his pop-culture inspired illustrations - especially those that highlight a precise glossy finish.

You can see more of his work and product design portfolio on Instagram @clarkdesign and tumblr

"There has never been a time where I could remember "Star Wars" not being in my life. From watching the films, to playing with my action figures; the awe-inspiring visuals continue to influence me as much today, as they did then." - Chris Clark